Hello and thanks for checking out our Blog. From a business perspective there's lots happening at the moment and our back office staff have their hands full. We've undergone an extremely important transition and have emerged with renewed focus and drive. There's an air of positivity in the office and staff morale has never been higher. Once we're finished with the projects in hand our operation is set to transform offering you even more.

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Team Cyclone



17 April 2012

Meet the team

Our first blog has to be about who we are. So, we thought it would be nice for you to get an idea of who the people are behind the scenes or on the other end of the phone. So that being said...


What do you do?
Bookings, occasional car co-ordinator , occasional international and overnights, staff Rep, Tea maker and company totty.

Say something nice:
Difficult one this. About my colleagues? About my day to day activities in the workplace?  I must say I've always been rather impressed with the facilities Cyclone has to offer Free tea, coffee and milk! As a single guy I can really clean up on these perks freeing up some cash for the more important things in life such as boxes of Sainsburys house red, new bedding plants for the garden, posh treats for the cat and nights in with a Brandy, my favourite Burt Bacarach album and unlimited broadband. Also I like to collect exotic plants and think nothing better than spending a nice sunny spring morning standing in my front garden, cup of Darjeeling in hand showing off my Dicksonia Antartica to all the admiring little old ladies.



Jacqueline AKA Jackie

What do you do?
I build up a good client liaison, open new accounts and I also manage the call centre department.


What would you rather be doing right now?
I would much rather be scuba diving. Just a little pastime pursuit of mine.





What do you do?
A lot. Most recently I've turned my hand to animation. Pixar are completely safe.


Say something strange:
Jean Claude Van Damme is the greatest actor of our time and Kung Fu is the only genre of film worth watching.