Environmental Policy


Cyclone is aware that the nature of our business has an environmental impact and ramifications for future generations.

This is why we are always taking steps to reduce this impact and make Cyclone a greener business.

We believe everybody should take some responsibility for their Carbon footprint. We have already introduced electric vans to our courier fleet. These alongside our long established pushbike fleet, makes our courier service one of the greenest around.

Our passenger car fleet was the first passenger car service in London to have a green fleet review done by the Energy Savings Trust. (Part of the Department of Transport). The EST will be assessing our progress annually.

Perhaps the most important step we have taken to prove our green credentials is in attaining ISO 14001 accreditation in July 2008. This is the internationally recognised standard for controlling and improving an organization's environmental impact. It involves a rigorous annual check on every aspect of our environmental impact, from recycling paper to not beeping car horns without a reason!

Cyclone has always committed to a long term policy to reduce our impact on the environment and help London become a greener and more pleasant place to be, and work. For everyone.

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